CHINFONG 160 Ton C Type Single Crank Press
CHINFONG 160 Ton C Type Single Crank Press
CHINFONG 160 Ton C Type Single Crank Press

Item specifics

Press Capacity
160 Ton
Rated Tonnage Point
6 mm
Slide Stroke
130 mm
Press Speed
40-85 S.P.M.
Slide Area
Die Height Adjusting Value
350 mm

Product review


1.CHINFON 110 Ton C Type Power Press Features:

a.Super high rigid body.

b.High transmission torque wet clutch brake.

c.High precision six side guide.

d.Minimum fuselage deformation.

e.Convenient quick die change system.


Rated tonnage point5mm
Press Speed50-100 S.P.M.
Bolster Area1150mm*520mm
Bolster Thickness120
Slide Adjustment90mm
Slide Area650mm*520mm
Die Height Adjuting Value320mm
Slide adjusted Motor0.4X4 (KWXP)
Max jdie weight450 kg


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1.What is high speed power press for?

High speed power press is for stamping sheet metal precision pressed parts with high speed.

2.How can I know high speed power press is what I need?
If you haven't used high speed power press before,we would like to have some pictures and the drawing of your products which help us to figure out whether our high speed power press is suitable for that product or not.

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