Mircon brand 45Ton H Type High Speed Power Press( from Taiwan and 90% new)
Mircon brand 45Ton H Type High Speed Power Press( from Taiwan and 90% new)

Item specifics

Press Capacity
45 Ton
Press Speed
Die Height
Bolster Area
Slide Area

Product review


Mircon brand 45Ton H Type High Speed Power Press( from Taiwan and 90% new)


H-type gantry high speed punch

a) two center guide pillars, four structural guide pillars, four slide guide pillars and two auxiliary guide pillars.

b) electric mold adjusting device: the gantry 35ton (included) or above is more upgraded than the C type, and the mold height can be adjusted easily by pressing the up and down buttons.

c) oil pressure mold locking switch: it is more convenient to change the mold

d) freezer: because the gantry is closed, the punch is easy to get hot when driving at a high speed of 700800, so it is not easy to get hot if the oil temperature can be reduced by adding the freezer.

e) dynamic balance system (linkage)

This press is generally used for high precision products such as SMT, computer, communication terminals, etc.

2.H Type High Speed Power Press General Parameters:

Stroke per minute(s.p.m.)200-1000200-900200-800200-600
Closed die height(mm)210-250208-248205-245200-240
Bolster area(mm3)800*550*110
Slide area(mm2)750*380
Slide adjustment(mm)40
Blanking hole(mm2)120*550
Motor power(HP)15
Gross weight(kg)8516
Loop systemForceful automation
Speed control systemInverter
Clutch & BrakeAir & Friction
Fixed-position stop systemStandard
Vibration systemMounting or pneumatic mounting(Optional)



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1.What is high speed power press for?
High speed power press is for stamping sheet metal precision pressed parts with high speed.

2.How can I know high speed power press is what I need?
If you haven't used high speed power press before,we would like to have some pictures and the drawing of your products which help us to figure out whether our high speed power press is suitable for that product or not.

Welcome to contact us if you have any other questions.