Seyi brand(from Taiwan) 260T double crank press
Seyi brand(from Taiwan) 260T double crank press

Item specifics

Capacity (ton)
Stroke per minute(spm)
22-24 spm
Stroke (mm)
260 mm
Die height
550 mm

Product review


Seyi brand(from Taiwan) 260T double crank press


a. Straight-wall integrated frame, fast installation and production, without the disadvantages of throat opening of C-type punch frame.
b. Suitable for precision mold or continuous mold processing, mold life is better.
c. Applicable to US, European and 
d. Can be equipped with various peripheral devices to achieve fully automated operations.


260 ton
Stroke Length (L)
260 mm
Stroke per Minute
22-24 spm
Die height (D.H.)
550 mm
Slide adjustment (R)
120 mm
Slide Area (L.R.xF.B.)
220X820 mm
Diameter of Shank Hole
ø 51
Bolster Area (L.R.xF.B.)
2500X920 mm
Bolster Thickness (T)
180 mm
Bolster Height (W/O Mounts) (G)
1100 mm
Main Motor (Fixed Speed + Inventer)

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The press machine are widely used for manufacturing in the industries of aviation & aerospace,ship & vehicles,electroinc appliance,instruments and meters, medical facilities,hardward etc. 

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What Is The Warranty Services For The Machine?

All of  Honger machine,such as high speed press machine, Feeder machine, uncoiler, decoiler, pressing machine will follow the list

warranty services. Warranty: One year of warranty service will be provided from the date the machine is delivered. For damage to

machine occurred in handling and failure not resulting from misuse during the warranty period, we will provide replacement of parts

and repair without charge.

The following failures are not covered by our warranty service:

A、Damage to parts due to operating machine in a voltage-changing environment without voltage regulator;

B、Failure resulting from unauthorized modification or handling;

C、Purchasing from agency or other manufacturer instead of us.

D、Failure caused by improper self-repair without instructions of our technician.

E、Damage resulting from natural disasters and circumstance beyond control.

F、Electrical parts and wearing parts are without warranties.

Would you provide OEM/ODM service ?

1.We are providing OEM services for our competitors from European country and Janpan company.

2.Hong-Er Machine is a professional factory of  high speed press machine, Automatic feeder machine, uncoiler machine/decoiler machine, straightener machine, decoielr straightener feeder, pressing machine etc.