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Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 In 1 Machine Failure & Solution Way:

Decoiler Straightener Feeder 3 In 1 Machine Failure & Solution Way:

(1).Feeding error and only a fixed direction

    • Pressure is not enough from feeding rollers Increase pressure.

    • Feeding length is too long,Shorten the feeding length.

    • Feeding material is not enough.

    • Inspect material width and position of guiding board on the die. 3 in 1 Machine and punch tools should be in line.

    • There is some waste on the punch tools

(2).See if inputting board and outputting board has waste.There is a error suddenly when feeding

    • The adjustment based on the material should be correct.Speed of 3 in 1 machine should be match with press

    • Big moving space between roller and motor ,Tighten the belt on the motor.

    • Relative condition for the coil .The coil of Length, width and thickness should be standard.

(3).The coil become bend.

    • Coil width doesnt match with the position of clamping wheel. Readjust

    • The pressure is not even. Readjust

    • Sliding :The guiding slot on punch tool should be in line with 3 in 1 machine see if punch tool and material have waste.

    • roller pressure is big enough :Readjust

(4).Electric appliance failure

    • 3 in 1 machine cant start.See if electric input or reset after urgent stop last time.

    • Out of operation at manual.Inspect connected wire is correct.

    • Can not Auto-start:Inspect the switch and connected wire at key Auto start

    • NC program show failure :Reference to the Servo instruction book.

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